Invisible Watermark

An Invisible Watermark can augment your brand and product experience!

Our global customers are realizing multiple benefits from Invisible Watermark labels. Here are some ways they are using Invisible Watermark labels to drive efficiency and profits:

  • Customer engagement
  • Significant anti-counterfeit strategies
  • Highly effective way to educate and train

 Similar to a QR Code, customers can scan your products label with their smartphone which will then bring them to any experience you desire! For example, it can direct them to a video, website, game, promotion, map, and more!

The watermark code is embedded across the surface, which retains your clean, aesthetic design and is invisible to the customer.

The Invisible Watermark is embedded in the label by two transparent ElectroInks that are only visible under UV light glowing yellow and blue respectively or black light lamp/LED. These inks are suitable to companies who want to protect their brand, allowing them to offer invisible text, codes, or shapes. This also ensures that their product is authentic.

Invisible watermark labels are gaining traction in EVERY marketing avenue because they create a truly engaging, educational experience. Invisible Watermark labels enable you to interact with your customers via visual and auditory content.

Here are a few ways to use Invisible Watermark for education and engagement:

  • Training manuals to install, operate, troubleshoot, and repair equipment
  • Show complex products or equipment in use
  • Enable your customers to take surveys, so you can collect highly specific product information for future updates
  • Enrich your customers’ experience with your product with contests, games, or recipes

Here’s how Invisible Watermark labels work:

  • Determine your promotion strategy – Brainstorm ideas with our in-house Design Studio.
  • Develop compelling content – It’s critical to developing captivating content. Our talented, in-house designers can guide you on this path.
  • Work with Flexible Pack to design and print your Invisible Watermark labels – Consumers use an app to scan the Invisible Watermark on your product’s label.