Flexible packages for beverages offer mobility and more

Not long ago, your beverage “choice” was limited to cola in a glass bottle. Today, consumers can choose from a wide variety of creative beverage options. What’s more, flexible packaging offers unlimited creative solutions:

  • No color limitations with digital printing
  • Variable colors, designs, and messaging
  • The exciting new link technology for invisible QR codes
  • A new level of mobility: transport any liquid in small or large quantities

What type of beverage you are bringing to market? Whether it’s in powdered or liquid form, we’ll help you select packaging and finishing options that are creative, eye-catching, and a practical choice for consumers.

Here are just a few beverage packaging and labels examples:

  • Juice boxes and juice packets
  • Powdered beverage and flavor enhancers in flexible packages
  • All types of waters, energy drinks, and other liquid beverages in bottles with shrink sleeves
  • Liquid beverages in cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles with shrink labels (an economical alternative to shrink sleeves)
  • Variable data that creatively catches the consumer’s eye and ensures you’ll lead the pack!