Flexible packages for health and beauty products: Stand out in a booming market

The personal care, skin care, and cosmetics market is a multi-billion dollar industry. Did you know the male grooming market is booming globally, and there’s a surge in demand for natural beauty products?

If you’re riding the wave of this burgeoning market – and you want to stand out – you need flexible packages for your company’s personal care products. Remember:

  • Flexible packaging keeps items fresh and extends shelf life. Plus, it’s mobile – your consumers can take your product anywhere.
  • When you team with Flexible Pack’s experienced engineers and designers, we’ll identify the perfect packaging solution for your unique product.
  • Thanks to our state-of-the-art digital printing technology, flexible packaging is environmentally friendly. Plus, consumers can dispose of packaging in a “green” way.

Here are just a few personal care packaging examples:

  • Packets and sachets for baby-wipes and sanitary wipes, as well as many other products
  • All types of cleansers, creams, and lotions in bottles with shrink sleeves
  • Shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream, and other similar products in cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles with shrink labels (an economical alternative to shrink sleeves)
  • Variable data that creatively catches the consumer’s eye and ensures you win at the shelf