Pet Food Packaging

Your customers love their pets, which is why they want to feed them only the best! The key, of course, is to keep your product fresh with Flexible Pack’s high-quality packaging and pouches!

What type of pet food do you have? Flexible Pack offers the perfect packaging solution to meet your every need, including pouches suitable for aseptic, hot-fill, and retort processing.

Flexible Pack is able to create packaging for any and all pet foods. This means that we have the capabilities to create labels and pouches for all different food types including dry, wet, chilled/frozen, and pet treats.

By choosing flexible packaging for your pet food, your product will be light weight, have a high barrier material to protect from moisture, gas, odor, and grease, and strong re-sealing capabilities to extend shelf life.

Stand out from Competition with:

  • Creative and practical shapes and sizes
  • Consumer-friendly options such as handles
  • Numerous finishing options such as clear window, matte/glossy finish and more!

Flexible Pack also has the capabilities of adding visible and invisible watermark to your packaging to give your customer a unique experience. Your watermark can show your customer the ingredients in your product, bring them directly to your website, or bring them to an interactive video! The options are endless when you add a watermark to your product!

Creating unique packaging will grab your customers attention and will ensure that you always win at the shelf!