Looking for a flexible package printer? Look no further! Our leading-edge technology delivers unparalleled quality

Here at Flexible Pack, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. This requires state-of-the-art printing technology. That’s why we’re proud to point out that we use HP’s groundbreaking technology: The HP Indigo digital press, specifically designed for printing flexible packaging.

Our HP Indigo digital press is specifically designed to print flexible packaging, plastic labels, and shrink sleeve applications.

This breakthrough technology offers gravure-matching quality and enhanced color capabilities that deliver an unlimited number of vibrant colors. This directly translates to shelf appeal that ensures you attract customers and win at the shelf.

This new printing equipment eliminates the need for plates and setup time, which helps us deliver speedy turnaround time for every printing project. You get your printed flexible packages, pouches, shrink sleeves, and labels FAST.

Discover our HP Indigo 6800

The sky’s the limit!

Benefits of our HP Indigo digital press include:

  • Innovative packaging solutions with our in-house design team
  • Short-run and large quantities
  • No color limitations
  • Variable data, e.g., bar codes, “use by” dates, different versions of your package (different colors, designs and messaging), and the exciting new link technology for invisible QR codes
  • Consistent quality throughout your entire project thanks to perfect registration, even on heat-sensitive materials
  • Offering a wide variety of labels and packaging applications
  • Best quality + speedy delivery for your short-run projects