Flexible Packaging for the Chemical Industry

Do you produce products for industrial manufacturing, agribusiness, or another segment of the chemical industry? Are you operating in a hypercompetitive market?
Run the numbers, and you’ll see that flexible packaging can save you on both packaging and transportation costs. Plus, it’s the practical choice for your customers.

What type of product are you bringing to market? Let our experienced team help with your chemical and industrial packaging needs!

When it comes to the Chemical and Industrial packaging, at Flexible Pack, we focus on the durability of the products since most of the time your products are stored in warehouses. The choice of the right material is key to make sure the product will stay long, safe, and will not harm the warehouse workers and your customers. That being said, we take extra measures to make sure that your packaging material is thick, strong, and tamper-proof.
All Flexible Pack packaging is absolutely custom, so you have the choice of multiple finishing options such as:

  • Matte or Glossy look
  • Visible or invisible watermark to give your customers additional information about your product or to give them a unique experience
  • Having the option to making your pouch be child-proof

Flexible packaging is a great choice for these types of chemical or industrial products (and more):

  • Fertilizers
  • Adhesives
  • Fuel additives
  • Food ingredients
  • Soaps and detergents
  • Oils, solvents, and cleaning fluids
  • Pigments, dyes, and commercial printer’s ink

Some chemical packaging challenges that you might face, but we can solve!
When it comes to the packaging in the industrial industry, there are many challenges. Here are some of the main concerns regarding chemical packaging:

  • Health Hazards
    Industrial chemicals are often critical health hazards. Compounds like acute toxics need to be handled carefully during packaging and shipping
  • Environmental Hazards
    Chemical packaging must be able to withstand the elements and prevent the chemical from leaching into the surroundings
  • Reaction with Water
    A lot of chemicals react with water. Handling them can become quite challenging both for the end users and during the packaging process
  • Multiple Products, Colors, Variants
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