Why Flexible Packaging?

For brand owners, there are more reasons to use flexible packages than you may know.

Here are just a few key benefits for you as a brand owner:

  • BRAND VALUE – Flexible packaging enhances your brand value and delivers brand impact.
  • FRESHNESS – Flexible packaging retains freshness for everything from power drinks to facial cream.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & MOBILE – Flexible packages are increasingly popular thanks to practicality and convenience; your consumers can take your product anywhere. Plus, these packages replace heavy and costly materials such as glass.
  • CREATIVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS – Thanks to our leading-edge digital printing, there are no color limitations; you can enhance your package with variable colors, designs, and messaging; and you can take advantage of the exciting new link technology for invisible QR codes.
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Flexible packaging provides significant environmental benefits. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, the manufacturing process requires fewer natural resources (e.g., glass and aluminum) and generates less CO2 Plus, fewer trucks are required for transportation, which translates to less fuel used and fewer emissions.
  • THE CONSUMER’S CHOICE – An attractive, practical, and convenient choice for consumers, flexible packaging extends shelf life, is easy to store, is microwavable, and can be reclosed.
  • THE BRAND OWNER’S CHOICE – According to a Packaging World survey, 97% of brand owners who currently use flexible packaging said they plan to continue to use the same amount or more in the next 5 years.