Choose flexible pouches and customers will choose your brand

You’re bringing a new product to market – good for you! Now it’s time to think about packaging. A quality flexible package enhances your brand. Plus, it offers a whole new level of convenience and practicality for your customers, which ensures you’ll lead the pack.

You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, pouring spouts, gusset seals, reclosure options, die-cut shapes, handles, and more. Flexible Pack offers a variety of flexible pouches suitable for aseptic, hot-fill, and retort processing.

Types of stand-up flexible pouches:

  • Spouted pouches or fitment pouches (including tap and gland fitments)
  • Shaped pouches
  • 3-side seal pouches
  • Quad seal side gusset pouches (inserted or folded gussets)
  • Stand-up bottom gusset pouches (inserted or folded gussets)
  • Top-spouted pouches
  • Corner-spouted pouches
  • Box pouches®

Flexible packages sell product!

Consumers will choose YOUR brand based on practical packaging, attractive design, and vibrant colors. Together, let’s create the perfect package that gets your customers to say YES – and ensure you win at the shelf.