Stand out in a crowd with Beer Labels and Packaging from Flexible Pack

In an industry experiencing explosive growth, how do you stand out? The answer is packaging.

As you well know, beer is a fresh, fun, exciting drink! Fueled by this excitement and innovation, the craft beer industry is enjoying unprecedented growth. Every day, micro-breweries, crowd-pleasing brewpubs, and macro-breweries are revitalizing this “nectar of the gods.”

It’s all good – except that competition is stiff. YIKES. How can you package your craft beer and malt liquor to stand out and win at the shelf?

4 packaging ideas to get your beer noticed and Lead the Pack™:

  1. Colorful roll-fed labels with creative shapes can grab the eye and elicit chuckles! – Well-designed, eye-catching custom roll-fed labels give craft brewers a unique and compelling image for your brand. The primary label material for your roll-fed labels (also known as pressure-sensitive labels) can be paper, film, reflective material, or foil, which allows for oodles of creative choices. Durable and affordable, you can easily press them onto beer bottles by hand or by using a machine-applied technique.
  1. Shrink sleeves on beer bottles tell your brand story – What is your brand experience? Be hip and cool? Be a rebel? Be an uber sports fan? With 360-degree graphics, shrink sleeves offer more “real estate” to grab attention and enhance shelf appeal. This practical packaging solution is vibrant, engaging, and offers plenty of room to tell a story. Our talented, in-house designers are ready to help you tell YOUR brand story!
  1. Beer cans with shrink sleeves are unique and memorable – Did you know that shrink sleeves work great for canned beer? And did you know that canning craft beer is growing in popularity? According to a Brewers Association article (“Craft beer packaging trends”), “Can volumes, and their share of craft sales, have continued to rise on a fairly consistent basis over the past few years.” Additionally, brewers appreciate the vibrant graphics, fast turnaround, affordability, and flexibility to order small or large quantities.
  1. Beer pouches offer extreme convenience and portability – Ever try to take a growler backpacking? Or tuck it into a canoe? Or pass it around a tailgate party? Well, now you can. Welcome to the future! Beer pouches offer the lightweight convenience, portability, and creativity that today’s customers demand. With no air exposure or light damage, this beer packaging solution offers a higher level of freshness, so you can deliver a higher-quality brew.

How can you beat the competition? The answer is packaging.

Contact us to see how our innovative craft beer packaging solutions can help to sell your innovative beer products. We work with microbreweries and macro breweries on any size run, small or large (including quick-turn projects) to create an eye-catching design and compelling package. Together, let’s promote YOUR brand story!