Flexible packages for pharmaceutical/medical products

From cough syrup to cannabis to medical supplies, the pharmaceutical and medical industry has a wide array of extremely specific packaging needs.

You’re in luck. No matter what type of product you have, we offer a wide range of flexible packages and labels to perfectly suit your needs. We’ll help you choose the:

  • shape and size
  • finishing options such as pouring spouts, gusset seals, reclosure options, die-cut shapes, and handles
  • single-use pouches
  • glossy versus matte finish and many other finishing options

Is your product concept still in R&D? Call us now to choose the package style and options.

When you consult with us early in the process, we can give you great ideas to ensure your flexible package delivers the perfect mix of shelf-appeal and practicality. Even if your product is still in Research & Development, we’ll help you identify the right flexible package for your product.