Flexible Pack’s Shrink Sleeve Labels Tell your Product’s Story

We know you’ll love Flexible Pack’s shrink sleeves – and your customers will too.

Here are the 3 great reasons why shrink sleeves may be the perfect solution for your product:

  1. Shrink sleeves work with all types of container materials: aluminum cans, plastic, and glass.
  2. Applying typical labels can be a challenge when containers have unique shapes. With Shrink sleeves, unique shapes are no challenge!
  3. With 360-degree graphics, shrink sleeves offer more “real estate” to boost your brand and enhance shelf appeal. This practical packaging and labeling solution is vibrant, engaging, and offers plenty of room to tell your product’s story.

Together, let’s design a creative shrink sleeve that gets your customers to say YES – and ensures you win at the shelf.

You’ll appreciate teaming with our talented designers who are also experts in printing on plastic. We’ll create an attractive, engaging design for your shrink sleeve that:

  • Offers a compelling design that tells your brand story and enhances shelf appeal
  • Makes your product stand apart from the competition
  • Features engaging graphics and messaging that encourages consumers to reach for your brand
  • Provides the best quality + speedy delivery for your short-run projects