Short-run or long-run: Rely on flexo printing or vivid colors, fast turnaround, durability, and environmentally friendly

Flexo printing may be the perfect choice for your packaging and label projects.

At Flexible Pack, we have multiple flexographic printing presses, ready for your short-run or long-run project. Flexo printing is a highly flexible printing solution. Since it’s so versatile, our design/engineering team might recommend flexo printing if your project involves labels, flexible pouches, plastic bags, or cellophane wrappers.

Our flexo printing technology also offers these distinct benefits for your packaging and label projects:

A range of vivid colors – Flexography supports a range of colors, plus, it’s a great choice if your package or label design calls for a large area of solid color.

Fast delivery schedules – Other printers may encounter this common obstacle: projects cannot ship if the ink is tacky, and it can take days for ink to thoroughly dry. With Flexible Pack’s new UV ink curing technology, inks are instantaneously cured so your project will ship sooner.

Extremely durable – Our leading-edge UV ink curing process is instantaneous and thorough. This means ink won’t delaminate from your label or package.

Environmentally friendly – Customers are always happy to know that we take great effort (and great pride) in our sustainability practices. In fact, our new UV ink curing technology in our flexo printing process is energy efficient and eliminates the use of mercury-vapor bulbs, which generate ozone. With this new process, there are no fumes, no solvents, and no exhaust. Being “green” is another great reason to choose Flexible Pack’s flexo printing!