Cannabis Labels and Packaging

The demand for cannabis products is only continuing to rise. You want to enter the market NOW, and you’re moving fast. BUT you are struggling to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You ask yourself questions such as:

  • How do you balance compliance text with an eye-catching design?
  • Which type of package should you use to preserve potency?
  • What’s the best way to protect delicate flowers?
A black and gold flexible pack created for cannabis buds A flexible pack created to store cannabis buds with a zipper seal

Start here: Identify the best package type for your cannabis, CBD, THC, or Hemp product.

A flexible pack filled with cannabis gummies on a table outdoors with a label on the package

  • Packaging edibles, gummies, flowers, tablets, and seeds – For these types of marijuana products, aroma and potency are major considerations. Flexible packaging is ideal, because it seals in freshness while blocking harmful contaminants such as moisture, oxygen, and UV light. And you might be surprised by all the customization options! (We recommend stand-up pouches to protect delicate flowers and trichomes.) Flexible packages are preferred by consumers since they are easy to store, open, and reseal. Plus, this lightweight packaging option can reduce your shipping costs!
  • Packaging pre-rolled cones, topicals, oils, and cannabis concentrates – These types of marijuana products are typically packaged in hard plastic or glass. To win at the shelf, cannabis producers often rely on well-designed custom roll-fed labels. Durable and affordable, you can press them on by hand or machine. Alternatively, shrink sleeves on containers offer more branding “real estate,” thanks to 360-degree graphics. Our shrink sleeves work on virtually any plastic or glass bottle, can, and container, even those with unique shapes.
  • Packaging recommendations for cultivators – Are you a cultivator or do you manufacture fertilizer or special nutrients used to grow marijuana? Call us to determine your best packaging solution: flexible package, roll label, or shrink sleeve.
Cannabis Gum and Cannabis Gummies shown on a table in Flexible Packages with labels CA cannabis leaf and cannabis oil shown on a table for Flexible Pack

From start to finish: Get guidance to package your cannabis product. At Flexible Pack, you have a packaging partner. We have experience packaging a wide variety of marijuana products – both medical and recreational. We’ll guide you through the process to select the packaging option that meets your goals for marketing, product protection, budget, and sustainability.

Here are answers to our frequently asked cannabis questions:

  1. “Do you have designers who are familiar with compliance?” – Our in-house designers deliver eye-catching designs while balancing strict regulations mandating compliance text, lab test statements, and more.
  2. “Do you print short runs?” – Many of our cannabis customers need a short run on their printed labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packages. And they need it NOW. No worries. Our print team offers a super-fast turnaround on long runs and short runs.
  3. “Is flexible packaging environmentally sustainable?” – It may surprise you to learn that flexible packaging IS environmentally sustainable. Get the facts.

Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. As your packaging partner, we’ll help you select the right packaging solution – and navigate the regulations surrounding cannabis packaging. Let’s get started today! Call us for a free quote.