Like your wine, your custom wine label must sparkle with personality

Your winery is absolutely unique – and so is your wine. Make no mistake, your custom wine label must be just as unique. It must catch the consumer’s eye. It must communicate the experience of enjoying your wine.

In this business, shelf appeal is paramount. When consumers shop for wine, they look at the label:

  • “Is this wine label attractive? Does it grab my attention?”
  • “What will I experience when drinking this wine? Where will it take me – to Australia, California, France, Spain, or elsewhere?”
  • “Will I fall in love with this wine? If so, I’ll buy more vintages from this winery!”

Rely on Flexible Pack’s custom wine labels for:

  • Creative, eye-catching designs with vibrantly printed colors and graphics, thanks to our state-of-the-art printing technology
  • The ability to add variable data, e.g., bar codes, “use by” dates, and the exciting new link technology for invisible QR codes
  • A range of adhesive choices, including permanent adhesives
  • High-performing durability

Your wine is exciting. Don’t settle for a “blah” label. Get a custom wine label that exudes personality and the “travel” experience.

Consumers will choose YOUR wine based on the label’s attractive design, vibrant colors, and personality. Together, let’s create an eye-catching wine label that gets your customers to say YES again and again!