Augmented Reality

AR Packaging can enrich your brand experience – and your bottom line.

No doubt you’ve been hearing about Augmented Reality (AR) Packaging and watching other consumer brands experiment with this new technology. It’s exciting, and it’s gaining traction. In fact, it’s a game-changer. Branding experts predict that Augmented Reality Packaging will continue to be more widely embraced by marketers. Why? Because it’s an incredibly enticing, entertaining, and informative way to connect with your consumers and increase sales.

At Flexible Pack, we have the expertise to guide you through this leading-edge technology. Here’s why it’s time to seriously investigate AR Packaging for YOUR brand.


  • The challenge of engaging consumers at the shelf – While customers are shopping, how can you sway them to purchase your brand?
  • The challenge of differentiating your brand – How can your product stand out from the crowd? How can you Lead the Pack™?
  • The challenge of telling your brand story – How can you share your brand story with a unique, immersive experience that captures the imagination?

THE SOLUTION: AR Packaging creates a truly engaging brand experience.
A packaging innovation that’s taking consumer products by storm, Augmented Reality empowers your customers to directly interact with your brand via uber-creative visual and auditory content. One of the most well-known examples of Augmented Reality is Pokemon Go. Using your smartphone’s GPS, you find and capture virtual creatures – creatures that appear to live in your own world.

How can you use Augmented Reality Packaging to promote your brand? Ideas are nearly limitless – here are just a few:

  • Videos that entertain and educate (for example, experience a 3D tour of your product being manufactured, such as craft beer production)
  • Recipes or craft ideas related to your product
  • The ability to instantly connect to social media and participate in a survey or discussion
  • View every angle of a product, inside and out, and see inside the package without needing to open it
  • Games, contests, 3D mazes, and more

Augmented Reality (AR) Packaging:

  • Enrich your brand experience – and your bottom line!
  • Flexible Pack has expertise in this new, exciting technology.
We can help Brainstorm Ideas

Here’s how AR Packaging works:

STEP 1. Determine your promo strategy – Always the first step, take time to think about your advertising and promotion strategy. Check out how other brands are using AR Packaging, then brainstorm ideas with your team and with our talented designers at Flexible Pack’s in-house Design Studio. Now you can determine how to roll out this exciting marketing program.

STEP 2. Develop creative, compelling content – Do you want to entice consumers with a contest or coupons? Tips and tricks to use your product? Creative videos or fun micro-games? It’s critical to developing captivating content, but don’t worry if you’re not sure how to begin. Start with Flexible Pack’s Design Studio; we can guide you on this path.

STEP 3. Work with Flexible Pack to design and print your AR Packaging – Now, consumers can enjoy your captivating AR content. They simply use an app on their smartphone to scan an obvious AR code on the package. Alternatively, the package design or label can cleverly embed a less-obvious AR code, called a digital watermark.

Looking for ideas?

Here’s how some brands have used Augmented Reality (AR) Packaging:

In Australia, the wine brand 19 Crimes “brings to life” 19 historica

criminals depicted on their wine bottles. These entertaining AR wine labels provide colorful insight into Australia’s early history as a British penal colony.


  1. A refreshing marketing campaign for breath mints – In a multimedia marketing campaign, Tic Tac® encourages customers to point their smartphone to an outdoor ad, print ad, or package for various AR experiences including micro-games.
  2. Buy furniture while in your living room – While at home and using Ikea’s Place app on their smartphone, shoppers can view the company’s furniture catalog, then virtually place a chair, sofa, or other item in their personal space.
  3. A gin bottle that entertains and shares recipes – Via an AR app on your phone, Bombay Sapphire Gin unveils a fanciful world of fluttering butterflies and how-to videos featuring several gin-drink recipes.

Augmented Reality Packaging is a game-changer. Today, all types of brands are finding that Augmented Reality Packaging deepens loyalty with existing customers, gains new customers, and increases sales. Backed by expertise in Augmented Reality Packaging, we at Flexible Pack believe AR is THE solution to create a truly engaging brand experience for your consumers.